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inground pools is picking up here at the store, I’ve been reminded of one of the common questions that there isn’t always a great answer for.  Customers frequently wonder what kind of financing we offer for our pools.  The truth is there really hasn’t been any type of in house financing available since GE closed their loan division when the housing market dipped several years ago.  With that in mind we have pursued several options through some of our local banks and we would always be happy to put you in touch with one of the loan advisors at these institutions.  It is also always a great idea to explore financing options with banks you have worked with in the past, or possibly credit unions.  While I wish there were more options out there, the reality is that banks like to see good credit and equity in the current market.  When you are considering an inground pool this might help you to be as prepared as you can for getting the ball rolling and getting an installation in a timely fashion. Craig]]>



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