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Berlin Gardens in Berlin, Ohio.  We carry their line of furniture here at the store, and they were holding a dealer expo, so we went up there. A little information on the company is that their furniture is made out of recycled milk jugs, and is ran by the Amish.  It was a very scenic 3 1/2 hour drive to get there. As soon as we turned off of the highway, the road started getting very hilly and curvy. I am not one prone to carsickness, but this time it hit me hard. My head was killing me, and I was getting dizzy. Until we entered into the Amish realm! Then I had something to focus on. We were all checking out their houses and yards seeing how many horse and buggies we could find. David had me googling on my iPhone to see the etiquette of dealing with the Amish culture, such as can you pass a buggy? Then we go around this curve and all of a sudden it is like we are on a roller coaster, perched at the top of the hill waiting for the drop! After another couple of miles, we made it to the town of Berlin. It is very quaint and very scenic. There are a lot of little shops and a really nice hotel!  We had an itinerary to follow, so we had to report to the plant immediately-no sight seeing for us! 🙁 We were warmly greeted and made to feel at home. We gathered in groups, and took a tour of the manufacturing facility. It was pretty interesting to get to see these people you think of as having no technology, to be running pneumatic screwdrivers and CNC machines!! Also, most of the factory workers are female. After the tour we reported to the showroom, which had been converted for the expo. Usually this building is also a manufacturing facility to make pergolas, pavilions and gazebos. The owners wife had been a busy little bee getting the show room ready for our visit. It was so warm and inviting. The decor was done very well. She did a great job of “table scaping”. We then were fed the most amazing food ever, provided by Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen.  The dessert table was astonishing! After dinner, we listened to the owner talk about their product and also heard from a motivational speaker.  Then off to our hotel rooms, which were very nice!  The next day consisted of pretty much the same type of things. Learning about products, hearing from guest speakers- including a gentleman from Tangent that is the company who actually fabricates the “lumber” that Berlin Gardens uses, and we were fed delicious food again! Then we were sent home and forced to come back to reality. I really enjoyed myself on this trip, and learned a great deal about the company, what they offer, what they stand for and how their product is made. I’m really excited to be entering the sales season, so I can start promoting their line of furniture.]]>


Written by Eastgate Team