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Guest Blogs Welcome!

Eastgate Pools, we’re always looking for interesting topics to throw up on our Insiders Blog site.  We’ve touched on just about every topics here, whether it pertains to pools, hot tubs, casual furniture, billiard tables, game tables, local sports teams, stories from our childhoods, the price of gold, and total, utter nonsense.  And this will surely continue.  See what you have to look forward to! Email me (max@eastgatepools.com) a blog of your choosing and it can pertain to just about anything you might like to write or comment about.  For example, if you’d like to talk about how great I look on our TV ads, go ahead!  All lies will be accepted.  Or if you would like to talk about a particular experience here or a product you purchased, write about it.  I will present all submissions to a committee of qualified reviewers, probably me, myself and I,  and if we decide to post your blog I’ll send you a store gift card for $25.  Of course you are always free to comment on any blog that is posted, but that doesn’t get you the moolah—only if you send me an email with your blog attached and we decide to use it. Some simple rules:

  1. No profanity
  2. No disparaging our competitors
  3. No excessive flattery about Eastgate Pools or me.  Well, maybe we’ll forget about #3.
Go ahead—make some money and help us liven up our blog site.  –Max]]>



Written by Max