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Pool ARE What They Are All Quacked Up To Be!

Several years ago we had a mother duck that decided our pool lot would make a great home for her and her little ducklings-to-be.  It was a lot of fun checking on the nest every day and then the blessed day occurred—the hatching of eight cute little ducklings.  The trouble was it naturally happened on a busy Saturday and when they mistook our in-ground pool for a pond, we had ducks everywhere that couldn’t get out of the pool.  We ended up building a ramp from a couple 2 by 4’s but one of the poor little guys actually drowned before we got the ramp done.  Since then we’ve told the story many times and found many of our customers have had the same experience with ducks, dogs, cats, rabbits, and a host of other small critters.  Somebody came up with an invention called the Skamper Ramp and it can save your pet’s life.  If you want to see one in person, let us know and we’ll set one up for you here at the store. If you check out our earlier post about this seasons ducklings you will notice that we had no fatalities. We did use a Skamper Ramp and it was successful.]]>



Written by Max