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A Follow Up to a Tough Reds Season

This blog is to follow up on an email before the one game playoff with the Pirates. I was excited and optimistic. I saw Cueto and Marshall coming off the DL and thought they make a run. Well, Cueto nearly wet his pants from nerves and Marshall was brought in against a right handed bat and was crushed. The two players I highlighted were the goats of the game. Well them and Dusty. Speaking of Dusty, we must say farewell after a long journey. The fans were pretty hard on him down the stretch. I for one, will look back with fondness on his tenure with the Reds. Before Dusty came to the team, the Reds were terrible. We got used to winning and we wanted more. Not every team can win it all every year, but I do agree with managements decision to release Baker. I think they should have done it last year, instead of signing him to a two year deal however. Now “we” the collective fans that faithfully follow the Reds will have a new skipper. I just hope that the new skipper is as successful as the old one. Odds are, he won’t be. ]]>



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