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A FREE Pool Chemistry lesson!

  • Block algae before you have it by using sodium tetraborates and phosphate removers.  CO2 and phosphates are things that algae must have to live.  Block them or eliminate them and algae can’t survive.
  • Test for proper levels of cyanuric acid, also know as chlorine stabilizer.  This holds chlorine in the water and minimizes the affects of sun and heat on chlorine life.
  • Consider a system that minimizes the likelihood of algae in your pool.  For in-ground pools, we recommend chlorine generators where the pool will make its own chlorine.  Just remember to turn it ‘up’ as the season goes on.  On above ground pool, check out our Simple Salt Hybrid Water Treatment System.  It is state-of-the-art for above ground pools and relies on sodium tetraborates and copper transference in the water to keep your pool clean and clear.
  • If you want to stay with ‘traditional’ chlorine programs, go to better chlorine.  Using stuff from a grocery or chain store?  Probably not as strong, not as fresh, and not as effective.  Next time you are here, ask about our Tri-Tech tabs and our Power Magic bagged shock.  Both contain sodium tetraborates and go way past what those other chlorine forms do.
  • Let us test your water.  It is a FREE service.  Just get us the water fresh from the pool.  In other words, if you are going to go to the mall or the Harley store next door, come see us first so we can get an honest representation of what is happening in your pool.
  • Okay—this is the longest blog in company history, but as the water heats up, I think these tips can go along way towards keeping your pool experience A+.  –Max]]>


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