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A Great Product Line Even After The 4th of July!

th of July holiday. We always have a great time and you will never see a grown man more excited about fireworks. Some might consideration his love for setting off these little explo

sions a psychosis, but it is all safe and in good fun. Spending as much time outside as we do on this holiday we are constantly fighting off the bugs and looking for more places to keep some cold beverages. Well, this year at Eastgate Pools we have the Alfresco collection of fire burners and beverage coolers. These new items would be perfect compliments to any celebration. The last thing you want when you are enjoying time with friends and family is to eatin’ up by bugs or lacking a cool drink on such a hot day. Please stop and check out our wonderful display as soon as you step in the door. I’m sure we can find something you will love. See you soon! Craig ]]>



Written by craig