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A Miracle?

In an earlier blog I talked about a heavy spring rain washing mud into my new pool before the landscapers had put sod down and finished the landscaping. I was at the store when this storm rolled thru, and when I saw the dirty mess it had made of my pool water, I was more than a little bummed out. Now I have been in the pool business since 1980, so I knew that I could clean it up. Heck, years ago I cleaned up a pool for a realtor that hadn’t been uncovered in years. So, I knew it could be cleaned up, I just worried how much time and effort it might take. I let the pool filter for several days and let my automatic pool cleaner do its thing. And the pool water started to clear up, but then it seemed to reach a point and not get any better. That was frustrating based on my profession and experience. I knew that the water could be much clearer. So, after work a few days in, I took home a 30 Day Clear Blue Cube. I put the cube in the pump basket, started the pump back up, and went inside for the night. The next morning, I went out to look at the pool and was shocked. The water had gone from hazy to unbelievably clear, all overnight! When I arrived at work that day I sent an email to the manufacturer and said that after 37 years I didn’t expect to see that big of a change so quickly. I said it was like a miracle, and that says something after working with pools for so many years!



Written by David Brandstetter