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A Money Saving Piece of Advice

It is the time of year where we will get quite a few calls from people that think they need a new liner.  They just took the cover off and the pool is half empty and they think it is the liner leaking.  Could be but… …I’d like a dollar for every customer that I saved a lot of money.  Here’s a more likely scenario:  You did your job and kept the cover pumped off during the winter months.  But unbeknownst to you, not only were you pumping the cover off, you were also pulling water through the cover via small pinholes in the cover.  So, for every 10 gallons of water you pulled off the top of the cover, you drained 1-3 from under the cover. Before you buy a new liner, try this:  Fill the pool and notice exactly where the waterline is on the skimmer plate.  Check it for a few days.  If it stays the same there are no leaks and no need for a new liner. Now about that winter cover…? –Max  ]]>



Written by Max