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A Riddle

  • Don’t use liquid chlorine (shock) to winterize.  Chlorine is an oxidizer and it will eat away at your cover, weakening the seams and causing it to split out, dumping whatever is on top into the water.
  • Don’t hang jugs from the grommets.  The intense pressure will rip out the eyelets and fray the fabric.  Same end result as in #1!
  • Don’t drop your water so low that it puts excessive strain on the cover.  Yep—same result.  Gunk into the pool AND you potentially damage the rails of the pool.  Use our step-by-step winterizing guide at eastgatepools.com.
  • If you have an in-ground pool, don’t use block, logs, planters, or other items that can damage the pool if they get pulled into the pool.  This causes torn covers and you guessed it—everything into the pool that you don’t want.  They can also tear up your liner.
  • Before covering the pool, vacuum it and get all the leaves out.  If left in, they will rot and stain the liner.
  • Consider a leaf cover that goes over the winter cover.  It captures the leaves as they fall and when they are all down, just peel the leaf cover (and unwanted leaves) off the main cover, clean the leaf cover, and store it away for next year.  It makes it easier to keep the gunk off the winter cover.
  • Don’t listen to your neighbor or ‘Uncle so-and-so’, who knows a “better” way to close the pool.  Use us and use our complete winterizing checklist.  It’s free to anyone that wants one here at the store and it is also on our web site.
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