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Allow Me to Introduce….

Emaline Rose Weaver!  Our family has grown to four with the birth of this tiny little girl on December 27th (Just in the nick of time for taxes).  At 5 lbs. 14 oz. and 19 inches long she was even smaller than her big sister, who has affectionately been called Peanut for being literally off the chart small.  Emaline arrived with a lot less hair than her sister, too.  Fortunately it is filling in fast and she is gaining weight quickly.  Unfortunately, most people are saying she looks like her Dad, so she may have gotten the short end of the stick there.  She gets cuter by the day, so hopefully she keeps trending more towards looking like Mom.  We might not be sleeping as well as we would like, but are happy to have a new little one around the house.  So, if I seem a little groggy please forgive me.  Here she is inside of a basket.  That’s normal, right?



Written by craig