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Amazing Feronclean!

Several weeks back, I wrote about one of our contract furniture customers that first bought from us in 2002. The customer had a couple of chairs that he thought were finished serving swim club members and destined for the landfill. Those chairs, complete with their new slings and glides, are now providing comfortable seating again. When these chairs were brought in for me to look at, a 3rd chair that needed a new bolt and an insert was brought in as well.  Telescope’s excellent parts department was able to tell me how to make the repair, and the chair is repaired and ready to go.  However, while it was here, I couldn’t resist a little experiment.  The chair’s white sling was looking a little gray, as this particular chair was from the Swim Club’s 2005 purchase.  Over the years, I have always used a product called Feronclean on my outdoor furniture at home. My furniture has a few thin white stripes in the pattern, but it also has green, navy, and burgundy stripes. The Feronclean always made the white look like white again, so I was happy.   My quest with this all white chair was to see how Feronclean would fare on a much tougher job. I wet down the entire chair, covered one-half of the sling, and then sprayed the cleaner on the exposed half and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Some light scrubbing and a rinse revealed a night and day difference.  The pictures I took during this process tell the story better than I can. So, what does this all mean?  Well, it means that my recommendations of this product over the years were so very much justified.  It means that Telescope makes great furniture, that the Gordon Feron & Company makes a great cleaner, and that the swim club is getting a much cleaner chair back!]]>



Written by David Brandstetter