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Another Layer of Protection…

Eastgate there never seems to be any question about covering pools, spas and grills. There is nothing you can do better to protect your investment during the harsh winter months. pcicovertanSurprisingly, customers don’t seem to take the same precautions with their casual furniture. Sure, you might have a perfect place to store your furniture away from the elements, but I’m willing to bet a pretty fair number of customers just leave the furniture sitting out. We sell a great deal of durable quality furniture, but very few things are maintenance free. With a few bucks you can get quality furniture covers to protect your investment. We’ve talked about weep holes in previous blogs, but these covers take protection to the next level. Outdoor furniture is capable of handling much more than our inside furniture can, but every little bit helps. Chances are we have the right cover to fit your needs. Eastgate Pools & Spas ]]>



Written by Max