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Approaching A New Season

As we embark on a new year at Eastgate Pools we are approached with new challenges, fresh products, new employees and amazing new clientele. Just as a student prepares for an upcoming school year we are beginning to develop new product relationships and continue to nurture the relationships we have developed in years past. We are big fans of making life easy on our customers and we want this to be evident on our sales floor. We refuse to berate you with information and will not beat the metaphorical horse when you want to know about a product. We choose to let our customers explore our showroom and offer assistance whenever needed, yet, we are very aware that customers need space to shop and make well-informed decisions on their purchases.

Students approach the new school year with inhibitions, questions and concerns.  As our customers approach a new year of pool/spa/billiards maintenance, I like to acknowledge the correlation between student and customer. Customers and students alike have concerns and “red-flags” that we want to help answer and suppress. Entering our store you can know that we will keep your concerns and opinions in mind as well as offer you all of the assistance you may need without overwhelming you with monotonous sales ploys.




Written by Eastgate Team