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Attention Table Tennis Fans!

Table Tennis is skyrocketing in popularity, with high-end clubs devoted to the game opening up in cities across the USA. If you are going to play table tennis, you have to have at least limited equipment. Things like a table tennis table that is complete with net and posts, paddles, and balls are all kind of important to the game. Without any of these items, the game sort of lacks something. The good news is that Eastgate Pools has all of the equipment you need. Whether regulation table tennis tables, conversion tops that go on top of your pool table, nets and posts, paddles, and balls, we have it all. And not to brag, but our selection of paddles is pretty darn big. Walking by the display the other day, I think I counted around 14 different models of table tennis paddles. Interestingly enough, they still haven’t come out with a paddle that will help my game enough to finally win a game or two while playing against my wife. If they do, it will probably need to resemble a tennis racket. now I am not saying I am bad or that she is that good, I am just saying that she has been winning most of our table tennis matches for 25 years. Ouch!!! It sure hurts to admit these defeats. – David]]>



Written by David Brandstetter