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Pool Cues Or is it ‘Billiard’ Cues?

Pool Cues or Billiard Cues? Call them whatever you want. Both are accepted terms, but at the heart of the matter, they’re just pieces of wood. Right? Sure. Just like the Mona Lisa is no different than the paint-by-number stuff I did as a...
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Swimming Pool Winterization

Proper Chemicals Make a Difference First, I’ll state that this blog is not about the step-by-step process of swimming pool winterization and safely closing your pool. For our above ground owners, that information is on our website. Click: http://sparcomanual.com/dealers/eastgate/eastgate_manual_017.htm. In-ground pools generally require some...
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Fall Pool Care

Fall Pool Care Labor Day signals the traditional end of summer, but swimming pool fun doesn’t need to end there. Unfortunately, come Labor Day, people begin shutting down their pools for the year. In my opinion, this is a BIG mistake. Fall is a...
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Chimineas. Or is it Chimenea?

It doesn’t matter which way you spell Chimineas or Chimenea. Both are considered acceptable. What is important is that when you have one, you’ll enjoy your back yard or patio a little more. But what exactly is a chiminea? Well, imagine a crackling fire...
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Hot Tub Filtration

Hot Tub Filtration is a major key in keeping your water clean, clear, and inviting. There are two dominant filtration technologies used today: circulation pumps and programmed filtration. Circulation Pump Technology ‘Circ’ pumps operate independently from the main water movement pumps. While not therapy...
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Pool Safety is no Accident

Okay, so Pool Safety isn’t the most original blog title, but it is extremely accurate. There are so many little things a pool owner can do to make backyard swimming enjoyable and safe. Many are common sense, while others may bring about a “Duh—I...
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Hot Tubs. Look Under the Hood

Hot tubs are a lot like cars. Everyone has a dream car. Imagine you finally get it. It looks great sitting on your driveway, the sun glistening down highlighting the perfectly waxed look. It is flawless. Now you start it up, but it belches...
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Pool Chlorine Boosters Help You Save Money.

Pool Chlorine Boosters. Maximize Your Sanitizer’s Life and Minimize Your Cost. Previously, I discussed four key components of balanced pool water: proper pH, Total Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, and Calcium levels. When these are all in their proper ranges, pool chlorine life is lengthened. That’s...
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Pool Chlorine, Water Tests, and Saving Money

It is well documented that there will be a pool chlorine shortage this summer. Make that, there IS a chlorine shortage, right now! A fire that destroyed a major chlorine production facility in Louisiana has reduced available chlorine nationally by over one-third.  Therefore, it...
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Swimming Pool Filter Options.

If you are searching for a replacement swimming pool filter for your existing pool, you have options. Don’t be afraid to change systems if you haven’t been satisfied with the old one. Here, we’ll explore three different options. Sand Filters.  Sand filters are as...
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