Automatic Pool Cleaners for Aboveground Swimming Pools

Eastgate Pools and Spas carries a variety of Automatic Pool Cleaners for our customers to choose from. These cleaners help ease the work of keeping your pool sparkling clean, allowing you and your family more time to relax and enjoy your pool.

Robotic Cleaners

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Suction Side Cleaners

EZ Vac



EZ Vac quickly attaches to your pool skimmer in minutes. The unit’s only operational moving part is designed to deliver years of long, dependable service. Cleans using a true random-pattern coverage to help ensure your pool’s floor is thoroughly vacuumed. Requires virtually no maintenance. You’ll spend more time enjoying your sparkling clean pool rather than maintaining it.

Zap Vac

The economical way to remove dirt and debris from the bottom of an above ground pool, while providing proper mixing for all of the pool water and chemicals. Make your hectic life easier by removing one item from the list of things to do.

Cyclone Junior

Designed specifically for Aboveground Pools. The Cyclone Junior is easy to set up. It connects to your existing thru wall skimmer and comes complete with 32′ of floating hose.

Simple Blue Typhoon

The Simple Clean System is a complete pool care method for your home pool. The Simple Blue TYPHOON used alone or in conjunction with other Simple Clean Products can reduce the time needed and the costs associated with pool maintenance.

Battery Powered Vacumm

Pool Blaster

The Pool Blaster battery powered leaf vac is the ultimate in leaf removal. Harnessing the power of 8 AA batteries (included) this unit will, without a doubt, save you time and energy. Attaching only to your existing vacuum pole there is no garden hose hook up like venturi style leaf vacs, nor is there constant emptying of skimmer baskets as with a standard vacuum.