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Baby Boomers Adjusting

I am part of the “Baby Boomer” generation and blogging was never part of my past. The owner just sent out a request that I produce three blogs. I was more apprehensive about this than I was when the Dr.’s office called and said it was time to schedule my next colonoscopy.


So, I went to the web and pulled up the site “Determine if blogging is right for you”. It went as follows.

    #1 You enjoy spending time on the web-I do appreciate the web. It is really helpful with product reviews and I love being able to instantly summon an answer to so many questions. Answers that I would have automatically known 10 years ago. It prevents a lot of the headaches I get when I have to think too long and too hard.

    #2 You like to write-I’d rather talk-much to my co-workers dismay.

    #3 You are passionate about your topic-I am very passionate about how blogging stresses me out.

    #4 You are very comfortable about publicizing your thoughts-I like talking one on one or to small gatherings.

    #5 You are not afraid of technology and are willing to learn- I am willing to learn but just have to find someone with the patience of Job, who is also bald, so that if they feel like pulling their hair out, I will not have to worry.

    #6  You are willing to take risk-It depends on the importance of the

adventure. I have risked limb and life to obtain the most sought after Christmas toy. Proof that there is indeed some risk taker in me.


I have come to the conclusion that some people are born to blog.  As for me, one down and two to go.  Stress level decreased by a third.  Maybe eventually you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.




Written by Max