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Benefits of Spa Frog

hot tub. The most popular are chlorine, bromine, Baquaspa, and mineral sanitizers. Our favorite at Eastgate Pools are the mineral sanitizers. Everyone wants to minimize harsh chemicals that leave you smelling like chlorine and with dry skin, some other sanitizers are synthetic and not everyone feels comfortable with long chain polymers in the water. The spa frog, which is a mineral sanitizer, uses silver chloride as one of the main sources for sanitizing. Silver is a natural sanitizer and while not doing away with entirely with the need for chlorine or bromine, it does lower the needed levels significantly. Normal chlorine and bromine levels range from 3-5 ppm in a hot tub. When coupled with a mineral purifier, like the Spa Frog, these levels are reduced down to 1 ppm.  That is a huge reduction and it gets the level down to where most people won’t notice that there is sanitizer even in the hot tub. Try it and see if you like it.]]>



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