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Best Of Times (For Sports!)

I certainly wouldn’t consider myself as being a sports nut, but I would consider myself a sports fan. I find this time of year to be especially fun. Baseball, which I love despite my Reds struggles for way too long now, is in its final stages of the season and I find myself watching World Series games even though none of the teams I was rooting for to win in the playoffs made it there. Then it is time to flip the channel and catch some college football. I am only a so-so NFL fan but for college football I find myself checking out the top 25 scores and then the local or regional schools to see how they are doing. With college games on 3 or 4 nights per week it is easy to catch some action for teams I might otherwise not catch. I consider it homework for bowl season where my wife, kids and now grand kids see who can correctly pick the winners of the most bowl games. The final piece of my personal sports love puzzle is college basketball season that starts very soon. It seems like just about any night of the week I can find a game to check out. I casually flip back and forth to check out the scores and if I find an upset in the making, I will keep the game on to see if David does indeed knock off Goliath! Yes, this time of year where baseball is still being played, college football is in mid-season and college basketball is getting ready to start is the best of times in my opinion.



Written by David Brandstetter