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Big Green Easter Egg

When your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews or just your friends are all out hunting for eggs in the yard you could be grilling on the Big Green Egg. I remember in years past I would just sit back and watch a lot of my cousins run around the yard picking up Easter eggs, well what better way to enjoy Easter while you could still sit back and do some grilling, smoking, baking, or searing on your Big Green EGG this holiday. There is so much versatility with the Big Green EGG that you could grill burgers for lunch, make some kinda roast for dinner or even just make your favorite breakfast casserole. Heck, even try and make Cinnamon rolls on the egg, I know it may sound odd but you get the Big Green Egg to the right temperature and bake Cinnamon Rolls to your liking.

Enjoy this Easter with your family outside and around the Big Green Egg!


Written by Matt