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Big Green Egg. Join the Club!

I see it every week in the retail store. Customers walk in and see our Big Green Egg display and are drawn to it. They are drawn to it typically because they know someone that has one and that person is a fanatic about their Egg and rave about the product. So, obviously this kind of endorsement peaks one’s interest. I am often asked, “What makes them so special”. I didn’t know what to say prior to getting a Large Big Green Egg for myself. After getting one I am now as passionate about the product as anyone. The problem I have, as a sales person, it is hard to put in words what makes the Egg such a special grill. The best answer I can give is, it is cooking perfected. These are heavy, massive units that are made out of ceramic, so it effectively gives very even cooking. I admit, that doesn’t sounds so special. That is why to really appreciate the Big Green Egg, you have to own one. The Egg makes it very easy to be a great cook. I think that is why I like it so much, as I have never in my life really cared about being considered a good cook. Now that I own one, I volunteer to cook so that I can show off my skills. In reality, it is not my skills, it is the grill which makes the difference. One small example is a month ago I slow cooked 4 pork shoulders for a total of 16 hours without having to add more charcoal to the grill. I went to bed at midnight, left the air intake barely open and it stayed at 225 degrees the whole time. It was easy! The party that I cooked for had plenty of bbq pulled pork for 80 people and it feels good doing something very well. I guess a feeling of success is why people fall in love with the Egg. We do like to feel good about the work we do.  –Scott P.