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So my birthday just so happens to be on New Year’s Eve. Let me just tell you my opinion on having this day as a birthday. IT STINKS!!! Okay, so when I was a child, my parents would always go out on New Year’s. This means that I was always spending that night at my grandparent’s creepy house. Not a fun way to spend your birthday. Also the fact that my birthday was always over winter break from school, so my friends would tend to forget about my birthday party. Poor little Tina. Now as a young adult the birthday celebrations got to be a little bit better. There was always something to get into. But now that I’ve passed that 30 year mark, and all of my friends are married and settled down, it’s a little bit harder to find something to do without going to a crazy hectic bar, and driving out on the roads with a bunch of irresponsible people. So this year I intend to not celebrate my birthday. Does that mean I don’t age another year? I think so!




Written by Eastgate Team