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More than an entrance point, the stair system you select is an integral part of the swimming experience: It can be a gathering or lounge spot, a tanning bed, or a practice area for your kids as they develop their swimming skills, just to name a few.

Legacy has the most aesthetically pleasing steps on the market, with a vast number of options, from wedding cake stair and bench combinations to cuddle coves to sun decks and so much more!


Built-In Steps

Our Legacy Steel Stairs bring the interior pool finish onto your steps, giving your pool a uniform aesthetic beauty.

Choose from our many models, from full-end to corner, from straight to radius, from multi-level to combos, or invent the Legacy Pool Entry System of your dreams, in any shape or in any size. Your Certified Legacy Builder is ready for your requests.


Tread-Loc Steps

The Legacy Tread-Loc™ Step is the highest quality pool step available, and offers more interior space for lounging than any other stair system. Made of the strongest thermoplastic material available, each of our 50 models is designed to have excellent weather-ability and chemical stability.

The Legacy Tread-Loc™ Step also offers more patented, exclusive features than other step on the market. That’s innovation.


Patented TrimLine Collar– blends seamlessly with the coping, creating a clean and consistent line surrounding your pool.

Patented Faceplate System – gives you the most watertight system available, bar none, while protecting the liner from tears or punctures.

Patented Dowel Alignment System – Guarantees correct position of the faceplate with strategic dowel location that offers an exact screw hole fit.

Superior Tread Design –With our state-of-the-art Vacuum Former and the sophisticated nature of our mold designs, each step has the most detailed and distinctive pattern in the industry.

Patented Tread-Loc™ Support System– utilizes box beam and rigid reinforcement for every tread.

8” ABS Channel Support – We reinforce each tread with a heavy duty box-beam, attached with a permanent high-pressure heat application


Sturdy Rigid Pipe – Our 2” diameter rigid pipe column supports are sturdy and strong.

Column Pipe Snap Ring– These rings hold each rigid pipe firmly in place for ease of installation.

Independent Tread Support – Each one is individually supported, providing stronger reinforcement and less stress on the whole unit.

3 Column Support– Each 8” tread is individually supported by 3 columns for maximum support.

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