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Buying the Right Above Ground Pool


There are a lot of quality features on above ground pools, but one that stands out is our pool saver panel.  This is a removable panel about four feet wide that holds the skimmer and the return.  Ours matches the look of the pool so that the design you chose isn’t interrupted-you never know it’s there as it blends in.  It gives you maximum protection at the most vulnerable spot on the wall.  That said, you can still get a great pool with a continuous wall.  Simply check your gaskets closely twice yearly and make sure there is no leak or deterioration and if so, tighten or replace the gaskets as needed.  The pool saver panel guarantees that if the skimmer or return rust out, you won’t have to replace the whole pool – just the pool saver panel.  If a pool with a continuous wall rusts out, you will need to replace the entire wall and that is why your twice yearly inspection of the skimmer and return are so important. – Max




Written by Max