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Choosing The Right Inground Pool Size And The Right Options

We even have some people who want a pool so they can float around on a hot summer day with a cold drink.  Whatever your reasons are for wanting a pool, you need to ask yourself who is going using it and how much time am I willing to spend on maintenance?  If you’re going to have 15 kids a day jumping into your pool then you should have a larger pool than your neighbor who only jumps in to cool off after lying out in the sun for an hour.  If you are a person who uses their pool to swim 200 laps a day and other than that it just sits there then you probably don’t need a pool that is extremely wide.  We also have those customers where mom wants to swim laps, dad wants to lounge around on a float, and junior wants to play basketball with all his buddies.  This family is a good candidate for a Lazy ‘L’ or a True ‘L’.  It doesn’t matter why you want the pool, but it is important to get one that fits your needs.  If you want to see the sizes and shapes that are available, just click here.   After you figure out what size pool is going to be best for you its time to decide what options you would want.  There are options that can take most of the work out of owning a pool, and others that can add years of fun and excitement.  Every pool can be customized to fit your need, and it is usually easy to see the benefits of each available option.  Whether you live by yourself, or have 6 kids at home, there are pools and options that will work for you.  You can have lights and fountains, diving boards and slides, or you can keep it as simple as you want.  Your pool can be 60′ long, or 12′ wide, or you could go with a more traditional size, but you can always find the right pool and options for your specific lifestyle.  –Thomas]]>



Written by Eastgate Team