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Christmas In September????

th of September, I needed a part for my lawn mower.  Being Sunday evening, I visited my nearest big box store to see if they had it.  Obviously, NO ONE cuts grass in September as the remaining stock of parts was all thrown into unrecognizable piles on the bottom of a few shelves.  Further examination showed why.  The former home for merchandise such as mower parts was now occupied by Christmas light sets.  Ho, Ho, Ho!  Need some casual furniture to enjoy these late summer days and the upcoming beautiful fall days?  Good luck here as well.  I predict Christmas trees and inflatable snowmen will be in this presently empty space by later this week. Thank heavens there is no grass at the North Pole for Santa to cut and luckily he is too busy making toys to worry about enjoying beautiful weather sitting out on his deck, patio or porch.  But, should he need some outdoor casual furniture, he can always shop Eastgate Pools & Spas as we have a huge selection even when others are making it look a lot like Christmas.  In summary, if you need Christmas light sets in September, you are in luck at the Big Box stores, but if you want to enjoy the remaining warm weather, head over to Eastgate Pools and actually have lots of choices.]]>



Written by David Brandstetter