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Competitors Above Ground Sales Presentation

Our main competitor has used the same Above Ground pool presentation for a very long time. We talk to a lot of customers and we got to know what they have been told and know the question that will be asked before the words are uttered. This is a small sheet to compare and contrast their story to what Eastgate Pools proudly installs.


Do you sell resin pools?

Our competitors go to great length to sell the customer on the benefits of a resin pool. First off, when referring to resin it is important to point out that the pool wall itself is never resin. Resin simply isn’t strong enough to hold the water that goes into a swimming pool, so galvanized steel is used for the wall because steel provides the strength needed to hold together the enormous amount of weight and outward pressure in an above ground pool.


Eastgate Pools once carried resin top rails and uprights but we were not satisfied with its performance. Resin indeed does not rust, but it does deteriorate when exposed to prolonged UV rays. Resin starts to chalk fairly quickly and at about 5-7 years we noticed that customers were replacing top rails on resin pools. We noticed that customers that had galvanized steel top rails got a much longer life and provided a more durable and stronger product.


Do your pools have a stainless steel panel?

This stainless steel panel I refer to is in the section of the pool that has the skimmer and return. Our competitors story suggests that regular skimmer panels have the steel of the inner core of the wall exposed to the water if there is a leak in the skimmer, thus causing rust in the skimmer area. This is true if there is a standard gasket in the skimmer. The gasket used by Eastgate Pools is a U shaped gasket, it completely seels the steel wall away from any possible water intrusion, therefore protecting the pool wall from the leak. Keeping the standard pool wall keeps the wall looking the same all throughout instead of a silver panel that looks completely different from the rest of the pool.


Another reason we feel it is unwise to use a stainless panel is because, the stainless panel is not the same material as the rest of the pool and when you put two dissimilar metals together it cause deterioration of the weaker metal. It is true that going with a stainless steel panel will prevent the skimmer hole from rusting, but what isn’t mentioned, the area where the panel is bolted together will fail more quickly because of the use of two different metals.



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