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Protect your investment with quality cover options from Eastgate Pools

Eastgate Pools and Spas carries a full line of inground swimming pool covers for your pool, from the standard polyethylene cover with water tubes to the heavy duty automatic pool cover, we have an inground cover to fit your need and budget. Winter covers are vital for protecting your pool from harmful winter weather.

Safety Covers

You won’t ever worry about leaving home again. The “trampoline style” cover is held down securely with springs and anchors; ensuring no gaps between pool and ground. Installed properly, children and pets cannot fall or slip into the pool. Furnished with a special tool, needed to remove the cover, the safety cover is tamper proof. This cover features webbing on both sides for ultimate strength. Its triple stitched threads are bonded. All perimeter intersections have a cross and box stitch adding strength.

Automatic Covers

As one of the only companies that fully installs autocovers, we can assure your family’s safety. An automatic cover is the ultimate in protecting your investment and your loved ones.

Top of the line automatic pool covers act as three covers in one. First, the cover works like a safety cover to protect you, your children and your pets, making sure that they can’t fall into the pool. Second, the cover retains heat, minimizing your heating expenses and keeping your pool warm and comfortable all swim season. Lastly, an automatic cover works like a traditional winter cover by keeping leaves, dirt and other debris out while protecting the pool from the harmful effects of both summer and winter storms. In short, an automatic cover keeps your family safe, helps keep your pool warm and clean in the summer, and efficiently protects the pool during those long winter months of snow and ice.

Operation is simple. Just turn the key. On it goes, off it comes. And for added safety, the cover stops operating IMMEDIATELY when the key is released.

Standard Winter Covers

Standard inground polyethylene covers are secured to the pool with water-filled tubes. Made from quality woven polyethylene, the covers are manufactured with a black underside to impede algae during the winter months and are available in two weights.

We stock a full selection of pumps to remove the water from the pool cover in the off season. Various models will offer different benefits as far as rate of removal, and automatic on/off features. Removing the water from the surface of the pool cover will extend cover life and prevent potential problems in the future.

Leaf Covers

Tired of leaves accumulating on your swimming pool cover and creating a mess of your pool in the spring? Here’s a solution. Put the leaf cover over your traditional winter cover and when the leaves stop falling remove the cover and leaves.