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Debunking An Aboveground Myth

aboveground pools it is quite common to find a stainless steel panel where the skimmer and return are located.  Given my appreciation of stainless products you would likely assume that I think this is the way to go…that would, however, be incorrect.  The argument for such a panel is that the gaskets at the skimmer and return are the most likely area on the pool wall to fail and that the stainless panel won’t rust.  This is partially true, but the stainless panel is actually the weakest part of the pool wall as it isn’t corrugated like the rest of the pool wall.  On our Oceanic and Endeavor pools this replaceable panel is the same material as the rest of pool wall because it providers greater strength and durability.  When you are trying to retain thousands of pounds of water weight it is incredibly important to have a strong pool at all points.  On these Sharkline pools that panel also matches the rest of the pool design so you don’t have an unsightly stainless panel sticking out like a sore thumb.  Some of our pools don’t use these panels and honestly there is nothing wrong with that either.  As long as you don’t have leaking at those gaskets you shouldn’t ever have a problem there.  Think of it this way, if the pool is so well built why would you ever want to use a different material at one location?  I will let you be the judge there.




Written by craig