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Debunking An Aboveground Myth…#2

aboveground pools come in to the store looking for a resin pool because that is what they have heard is the best.  Well, you won’t get that same endorsement here.  The argument is always that resin won’t rust like steel.  The question you should immediately ask at that point is why is the wall made of steel then?  The reason…steel is stronger.

 The same applies for toprails and uprights.  While it is true that resin doesn’t rust it does chalk, discolor, crack, and warp.  If properly protected through hot dip galvanization, and other methods steel will provide you with a much more durable and long lasting pool than resin.  Not all resin is bad, but gas assist injection molded resins are far more expensive to produce and that is not what you are going to get with pool “specials”.  Our inground pool manufacturer uses the story of bridges to explain why steel is superior and I have to agree.  You don’t often see bridges made of plastic.  Consider the fact that we have installed over 3200 steel wall inground pools and never replaced a single panel in almost 32 years.  If that isn’t validation, I don’t know what is.]]>



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