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Do you own a pool table? Why the heck not?

real party always ends up? Do you have kids? The list is quite long. I’ll spare you the minutiae. I was born and raised with a little known medical condition: spazitis. I’m pretty sure they changed its name to something more professional sounding, like spazmosis. I’m uncertain. Anyway, I discovered in my late teens and early twenties that I could play billiards well enough to buy my own cue without looking like a total dork. One problem… I was, and still am, exceedingly hot and cold. One game I leave my opponent in the dust (or chalk?), the next, I launch the cue ball onto a table across the pool hall. What I am getting at, though, is quite simple. Billiards is an elegant game of finesse and raw power. The player who learns to concentrate and shoot, without overthinking it, is the player who tends to win. It is a game that will pull you in very quickly. If you’ve always wanted a pool table, but are uncertain if you’ll use it, perhaps you should rack a few at a pool hall and see just how much you want to improve. Life is about slow, steady improvement. Billiards promises to offer the same rewards. Play more pool, live a better life. It makes sense to me… And, as my wife says, “that’s roughly half the battle.”   Ready, Aim, Break!   By: Ron]]>



Written by Eastgate Team