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Don't Worry Be Happy

hot tub for a total of three days and they came in for their very first water test as proud new owners of their hot tub.  They were worried that they were doing something wrong and could potentially harm the tub.  When I found out how long they have had their tub I decided to have a little fun with them, and told them that they needed to be careful or they could really mess it up.  After I calmed them down I told them to relax, and that within the first month they will probably have to drain it and start over but that it won’t be their fault.  People tend to over think a hot tub and forget that the chemicals they get when they buy the tub are there to make it as easy as possible.  Stop worrying over your chemicals so much and enjoy your new toy.  Come back and see me in about 2 weeks. Thomas]]>



Written by Eastgate Team