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Early Birds, Procastinators & Great Furniture Deals

Eastgate Pools & Spas?  Plenty! Recently, we received a phone call from Telescope Casual, a 100+ year-old American casual furniture manufacturer.  They were preparing to update their Chicago Merchandise Mart Showroom with 2011 product.  The Chicago area dealer that was supposed to buy the showroom full of 2010 product backed out at the last minute and Telescope needed a another dealer to step up to the plate.  Having purchased the showroom numerous times in the past, Eastgate Pools was familiar with the logistics involved, and we made Telescope an offer.  The offer was accepted and last Wednesday a group of us made the trip to Chicago to prepare the showroom for its move to Cincinnati. By Thursday afternoon, several 53’ truckloads of Telescope Casual furniture were on their way back to our store. So, how does this all fit together?  For those customers that were planning on buying new outdoor furniture this spring and haven’t gotten around to it yet, you can purchase quality Telescope Casual furniture at greatly reduced prices.  We bought right and we are passing on the savings. So don’t worry that spring has become summer.  Your procrastinating has paid off!  Sounds like you should reward your good fortune and excellent planning with a relaxing afternoon enjoying some new Telescope patio furniture.]]>



Written by Max