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Eastgate Alumni

th year with Eastgate Pools & Spas.  Over these years, I have had quite a few co-workers.  Don’t get me wrong, at Eastgate we have a very large core of employees with lots of years of service, but in these 25 years we have had lots of young people that have used Eastgate Pools as a learning and earning tool on their way to other careers.  Just a quick search of my mind and I can think of a chiropractor, a lawyer, a pharmacist, a couple of engineers, a couple of accountants, a teacher, a couple of nurses to be, and more that have made Eastgate Pools a part of their growing up.  Like any good relationship, Eastgate has given to these young people from the surrounding community, but has also reaped many benefits in return.  What a pleasure it is when these young people return to visit with us and reminisce about the time they spent in the pool business.  All of this just proves once again how important local businesses are to a community and how important the community is to a local business.]]>



Written by David Brandstetter