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EdenPURE or Infinity Heater?

What one should you choose? It’s pretty simple—take your pick.  They are both great heaters.  Lets look at the similarities.

  1. Both are infrared heaters.  They don’t rob your home of moisture like traditional coil heaters.
  2. Both are totally safe to use and cannot start fires.
  3. Both are lightweight, allowing you to easily move them from one room to another.
  4. Both are economical and operate for about 6-8 cents per hour (depends on your supplier’s rate).
  5. Both are easy to use.
So what are the differences?
  1. Infinity offers a digital read-out
  2. Infinity offers a ‘sleep-timer’ feature, where the heater will automatically shut off after a length of time you determine.
  3. EdenPURE Gen 3 is manually controlled and the USA1000 units have a remote.  Infinity has a remote.
  4. EdenPURE has a black, plastic, molded frame.  Infinity has a furniture grade wooden cabinet.
  5. EdenPURE warranty work must be performed at the factory.  Save the box and send it back to them.  Trained Eastgate Pools Service department personnel service Infinity heaters, in-store.
I own one EdenPURE and I love it.  I’ve had it five years and it still works great.  I have since purchase two Infinity heaters and they both work great. I chose Infinity because I really like the digital read-out.  Ultimately, it’s your call but I don’t think you can go wrong with either heater.  –Max]]>


Written by Max