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Ever Heard of Ton 80?

darts you’re missing out. After Christmas break during my sophomore year of college one of my friends (actually the RA on my hall) brought a nice bristle board to his room. dartboardThe entire second semester of that year we spent playing Cricket and trying to win by the most points possible to proudly display our victory on the “Whoopins” list. Any game where you defeated your opponent by more than 300 points qualified. We were merciless, especially once we bought our own quality dart sets. I still have those darts today, actually. A few of us even entered the intramural dart tournament. We thought for sure we would steamroll the competition. I was promptly defeated by a guy whose brother was actually ranked in the state of Tennessee. He opened with Ton 80 which promptly had me playing catch up. I digress, but if you would like to give an incredible game a try stop in and pick up a board and a set of darts. It is fun, inexpensive and a game that you can really master. Check out our assortment of boards, darts, and accessories to start your own friendly competition. Eastgate Pools & Spas ]]>



Written by Max