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Fabric Choices

casual furniture I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had a customer tell me the same basic cushions and umbrellas could be purchased at their local big box store.  While I could spend a tremendous amount of time explaining why this isn’t true I thought one thing I might focus on is understanding the fabrics used.  I know that doesn’t exactly sound exciting, but quality of fabrics (and the costs associated with quality fabrics) play a huge role in determining prices and durability.  Basic polyester fabrics are the most common fabrics you will find used in your larger chain stores.  These fabrics generally fade rather quickly, mildew, and wear more quickly than other options.  Olefins would likely be the next step up in quality.  Solution dyed olefins (where the color runs all the way through the threading) are very resistant to fading, resistant to mildew, and rather long lasting.  Your next improvement would be spun polyester.  Lastly, acrylic fabrics (especially Sunbrella) are the finest fabrics for outdoor use.  These are essential awning grade materials and offer the finest in comfort, color-fastness, and durability.  With each step up the fabric ladder you will gain durability translating into a longer life meaning more bang for your buck.  You should note that any fabric that isn’t a solid or a stripe would fade easier, because the color isn’t consistent throughout the threading.  Now the next time you find your umbrella you bought only a year ago in need of replacement consider an upgrade in fabric quality.  It might cost you a little more, but it will pay for itself with carefree use for years to come. -Craig Weaver]]>



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