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Fall is a GREAT Time to Grill!

Kamado Joe a couple years ago I’ve gotten adventurous and have experimented with some of my own recipes. If you like baked potatoes, here is a little variation that works nicely on a grill capably of providing indirect heat like my Kamado. Pick up 2-4 of the biggest, fattest russet potatoes that you can find. (Jungle Jim’s has a special oversized potato bin in their produce area.) Heat your grill to approximately 375 degree and use your heat deflector so that you do not have direct flame when cooking.IMG_0058 While the grill is getting to temperature, cut the potatoes in half, cutting lengthwise. Use a melon baller to hollow out the potato’s core, leaving just enough ‘meat’ on the skin to keep the halves firm. Now, stuff the potato with whatever you like. Pack it right in! I have used pepperoni, sausage crumbles, pepper cheese, halved Italian meatballs, sliced mushrooms, and diced ham. The more things I can jam in, the better! To make it easier to stuff the upper half, put a little melted butter or margarine in it so that everything doesn’t fall out when you turn it over to re-join the two halves. So now you’ve got the potatoes back together. How do you keep them together? It’s simple and tasty. Bacon! Wrap the entire potato round and round, tightly, with strips of bacon. It holds the potato together quite nicely and hey—I like bacon. Place the potatoes on the grill and cook for approximately one hour, using tongs to turn them after a half hour. Adjust your time accordingly based on the size of the potato but you’ll know they are done when the bacon looks done. And don’t throw away the potato that you scooped out. Place that in a tin foil pan, add seasoning, butter, and anything else you might have left over. Cover and cook with the potatoes. I turn mine into potato pancakes and fry them up for breakfast. No waste and lots of taste. If you like potatoes, you’ll like these. –Max Eastgate Pools & Spas ]]>



Written by Max