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For New Aboveground Pool Customers (and some of the old ones too!)

www.eastgatepools.com and click on ‘tips’.  Then go to ‘owner’s manuals’.  We have it on line for you there too.  No computer?  Stop in and we can give you a written copy of our preferred winterization steps for your pool. Now one note about pool winterization:  Don’t take short cuts.  Follow all the steps and you won’t have any problem.  I had a customer that came in last year with and cracked filter.  When I asked him if he had followed all the winterizing steps, his response was “Most of them!”  Folks, that won’t work.  It’s like being pregnant—you either are or you aren’t.   You either followed he directions or you didn’t. Not sure of something?  Just call us or stop in and let us clear the confusion.  –Max]]>



Written by Max