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What makes a friend? Are they just like you? Or do opposites attract? This question came up the other night when my wife and I were playing cards with friends of ours. It was brought up that one of my best friends was so much like me that we could be clones. The clone part was a joke, but they were right. One of my closest friends and I are so alike personality wise that it is scary. But then I realized something else. One of my other very closest friends is just about the polar opposite of me. Sure, we have common interests and likes, but the differences are huge. Yet somehow despite the differences we have developed a friendship over nearly 25 years that is incredibly strong. I don’t suppose one should overthink friendship, but it is interesting to have two of my closest friends that are complete opposites. My conclusion? What really matters is that the person has a good heart and good character. Everything else sorts itself out.



Written by Eastgate Team