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From Riding In The Boat To Helping Row The Boat

Eastgate Pools & Spas.  I purchased a pool, casual furniture, hot tub and all my chemicals.  I was at the store so much the people that worked there joked about ‘putting me to work’.  Well, it got me thinking and as I was considering a career change, I started to explore working for Eastgate Pools & Spas.  In January 2008, I took the plunge.  Not into my pool, but into the company–Eastgate Pools & Spas.  I now work primarily in their in-ground pool department but I also work closely with the Sales and Service departments and I understand that they really do care about their customers.  I have found there is a commitment to training and education and am invited to sit in on these sessions, even if it is in a topic that doesn’t normally affect me.  There is a true commitment to helping customers and if a customer calls in to speak with Service about a pump that isn’t working, there is a good chance the salesperson that answers the phone will be able to help them if the service lines are full.  I just want to say that joining the Eastgate Pools & Spas TEAM was the best career decision I have made and if you are a customer looking to purchase a pool or spa, you can’t do any better.  –Murph]]>



Written by Eastgate Team