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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors…and Save Fingers

When my wife and I moved into our new home this summer she immediately wanted a new puppy.  The house was bigger and we had the right kind of yard.  Well, in July for her birthday we welcomed this guy:


Meet Blue, our six-month-old 60 lb. Fox Red Lab.  We quickly realized a simple lead wasn’t going to contain this bundle of energy.  Knowing this and the fact that the neighbor’s little dogs had already taken a bite of one of my fingers, we knew a fence was necessary.  Working in the pool business surely helped me to get a fair price on materials for a new split rail fence.  I’ve recommended EADS fence for years to customers and I can say without hesitation that I wish I wouldn’t have just bought the materials from them…I wish I would’ve let them install it too!  My father-in-law and I spent several days digging holes, setting posts, cutting rails, hanging gates, and tacking wire mesh.  Nevertheless Blue now has a great space to burn off of some of that energy, and he is protected from the ankle biters next door.  I can now feel comfortable telling every customer to leave the fencing to the professionals.  I promise you it is worth the money!






Written by craig