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Hello Sports Fans!

All the O$U fans OK?  If you want to see somebody in a sweater vest again, maybe we can get Max to wear one in the next commercial!! Bengal fans, at least we can say we were undefeated if they don’t settle the labor

issue!!! And better yet, we won’t have to listen to Mike Brown or Marvin Lewis stumble thru news consferences. Reds fans are you as frustrated at watching this team as me?  Why does Chris Heisey continue to sit? Does Dusty have a crush on Fred Lewis and Johnny Gomes?  Anybody else sick of seeing Homer Bailey and Edinson Volquez pitch?  Good thing we play in a cheap cialis canada weak division or we would be 12 games out!! Bearcat Fans, any chance Butch Jones gets his boys to play better?  Brian Kelly sure didn’t leave him much when he left, but I think we are in for
a good year.  When is the last time 2 players were on a watch list for National Player of the Year??
Xavier fans, not sure what I could talk about with you guys.  Do you even have any fall sports teams? Love to hear from
the sports fans, so drop a note!!



Written by Eastgate Team