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Help For You, The Customer

Eastgate Pools ability to order parts for our customers.  In his discussion, he talked about bringing in the needed part, or parts, if possible.  Actual parts are always the easiest to work from, but if it just isn’t possible to get the part off of the pool or to bring it in to the store, take several digital photos, and then bring in the camera.Just the other day, I took photos of a customer’s part that they brought in with them, but which I didn’t have in stock.My service department was not in at the time, but by having the pictures, I was able at a later time to show my service coordinator exactly what part the customer needed. Also, many of the parts have the manufacturer’s name and/or a part number stamped on them.These numbers are a great help along with the pictures when it comes down to tracking down the proper part. Actual parts beat pictures, but pictures are better than verbal descriptions]]>



Written by David Brandstetter