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How About Another Way To Make Your Filter Better . . .

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filter.  For several years now we have offered a great alternative to sand as a media for sand filters that will help level the playing field with cartridge and D.E. all while keeping the easy aspects of a normal sand filtration system.  ZeoSand is product that replaces sand in your filter, but will filter a much smaller particulate.  It also traps more ammonias and chloramines which helps to reduce odors and swimmer irritation.  In addition to these benefits, you will backwash less which means you will save on chemicals and water.  Even better, in the long run this will cost you same as sand as you only need to change it half as often, and if you have changed sand before you know that is a major plus.  This is just one more way to make pool care easier for you and let you spend more time enjoying your swimming pool.]]>