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How Eastgate Pools Differs From The Other Guy

I am a journeyman retailer that has recently come back to Eastgate Pools after a long departure. I’ve seen the inner workings and the difficulty of managing a large full service retail store. I personally have noticed that a lot of retailers put sales numbers before the customers over all experience when purchasing. It feels good being a salesman having the confidence that when you sell a product that the company is able to follow through with the high expectations that the customer has at the time of purchase. Eastgate Pools does this better then any company I’ve ever worked for. It quite frankly makes my job, as a salesman, easy. In many cases customers come in having purchased from us in the past and because of their experience they comment, “I wouldn’t purchase from anyone else”.

This was a true comment from a customer I helped this weekend.


It’s good to be back!




Written by scott