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I Just Refilled My Spa And It Won't Work!

There’s no water moving but the motors are

running!  Don’t worry, it’s not broken.  You are experiencing one of the most common occurrences a spa owner has.  You have a simple air lock and it’s pretty easy to get rid of.  First, don’t let the motor keep running without water going through it.  Shut it off at the breaker.  First, try taking the filter(s) out and turning it back on.  Give it a few seconds and see if it primes.  If it doesn’t, shut it off again and find a large set of channel locks or a pipe wrench.  Don’t panic – this is easy.  Remove the spa’s side panel where the motor is located.  Locate the union leading into the motor.  Turn the power back on and, using the tool, slightly loosen the union.  (DO NOT TAKE IT COMPLETELY APART!).  Once you have loosened it a little – maybe a quarter to a half turn—the air lock is generally released
and your spa should operate normally.  Remember to re-tighten the unions.  You may have to repeat the process on other pumps if you have more than one.]]>



Written by Eastgate Team