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I'm Soaking In WHAT?!

clear out the lines before you soak in the tub for the first time!  Even if the surface of the spa is spotless, oftentimes things can remain in the lines in the various bends and twists.  If yourswirlaway spa is used, it is very likely that remnants off of the previous owners are lurking in the lines.  The second you fill up the spa and turn it on, the waste from the previous owners will be introduced into your “fresh” spa water.  Sounds gross right?  Right.  Fortunately, there is hope!  There is a product we sell called Swirl Away.  Fill up the tub, add the proper amount of Swirl Away and let it run.  This chemical will get rid of all the unwanted waste and buildup in your lines without hurting the spa.  Drain the spa, scrub down the surface, and you’re set!  You can now rest assured that the next time you fill your spa and soak in the nice, relaxing, warm water, you won’t be bathing in someone else’s gunk!     – Stacey]]>



Written by Eastgate Team