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in-ground pool?”  Well, all my pools are from the Legacy Series by Imperial Pools and all are made of the same high-grade components.  We’ve been carrying this product line since 1981 and have built over 3000 of them and it doesn’t matter if you are buying the largest free-form Mountain Lake model or the smallest rectangular pool.  The quality remains the same.  rectanglepoolSo what one is the best value?  Most of our competitors feature Grecian style pools, which are a rectangle pool with cut corners.  Picture a stop sign stretched out in the middle.  The trouble is that you lose a lot of space on those cut off corners.  A better deal is probably a straight rectangle where you have all the corner area still there.  For example, a 20 x 40 Grecian pool has just over 700 square feet of swim area to it.  A 20 x 40 rectangle with 2 foot radius corners has just shy of 800 square feet of swim area.  As the costs are almost identical, you get a lower cost/square foot with the rectangle pool. –  Max]]>


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